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Social Media

Since Facebook changed its system way back around 2012, unless you are a media company with a team of journalists publishing breaking news on the hour, it will most likely be a slow process getting a high volume of organic followers to your business page. This is true of all the big platforms, the days of easy organic growth are over. It is therefore useful to have a mixed strategy of organic and paid content.

Fortunately the cost of advertising on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram is very affordable. This means that no matter what size your following, you can still reach thousands of potential customers for a small fee – media spend starts at just £1 per day.

Ads can be static images or dynamic video as well as containing blocks of text within posts and links back to your website – all of which can be tracked via both the inbuilt social media analytics as well as Google Analytics.

It may also be worth focusing on one social media channel for your business while maintaining the others at a lower level in order to maximise return. 

Channels such as LinkedIn can be much more expensive to advertise on and you get a lot less visibility for your money (compared to Facebook and Google), however LinkedIn does provide a unique level of targeting which may be useful depending on your business requirements.


Abstract Turtle can provide the following services:

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Account Set-Up

Content Creation

Social Media Advertising Set-Up and Management

Multi-Channel Distribution

Analytics Reporting

Social Media Video Advertising

Video advertisements created by Abstract Turtle for leading engineering and construction recruitment agency Vickerstock. The ad is currently published on the Vickerstock website and being pushed out across multiple social media channels with a focus on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great channel for pushing video content as there is less competition for this medium than on other channels (at the moment) and so it stands out and is more visible than traditional static posts.

The ads promote different areas of the business while maintaining the same overall feel and style.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is one of the best platforms for businesses to advertise on and a great way to raise brand awareness or drive traffic to a website.  Ads can be static or have video, can be set up to run across desktop and mobile devices as well as across both the Facebook and Instagram network.

While video is popular and often more engaging it can also be more time consuming and expensive to create.  Video slide shows can be a more economic alternative as they can be created faster and still have a moving image to catch the eye. However traditional static ads are still effective and can be used successfully across a wide range of industries. 

A single ad can be created which Facebook then renders across multiple views such as Facebook Desktop View, Facebook Mobile View, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Story etc. Each view displays a different amount of information, so design plays an important role in ensuring the most important information is always visible.  Using a single ad design in this way allows Facebook to place your ad in front of your target audience no matter what device or channel they are using – Facebook, Instagram or the Facebook Display Network (3rd party websites).

Alternatively ads can be designed specifically for one type of view. This means that you can be sure the ad will always display in the same format, but it also means the ad is limited to one channel. For example Facebook images are generally landscape while instagram images are generally portrait. It is possible to use the same image for both formats, but sometimes it is better to go with a different image to get the best impact and engagement.

You can also have multiple ads running, each with a channel specific design – although this takes more time to create.

Below is an example of traditional Instagram and Facebook ads created by Abstract Turtle promoting a range of products and services, displaying as they would on a mobile device.  In the examples below the Instagram ads are renders of Facebook ads, as supposed to ads built for specifically for Instagram.

Instagram Advertising and management Belfast Northern Ireland

Instagram ad created by Abstract Turtle using static image to promote a new burger recipe for gourmet burger restaurant City Picnic.
The Best Burgers In Belfast!

Facebook Marketing Facebook Management and Facebook Advertising in Belfast

Facebook mobile ad created by Abstract Turtle to promote a new treatment by leading obstetrician Professor Jim Dornan for Cosmetech, Chelsea Private Clinic, London.

Abstract Turtle Facebook Advertising Belfast

Facebook mobile ad created by Abstract Turtle to promote the book of road racer Guy Martin for leading NI book publisher Blackstaff Press – part of Colourpoint Creative.

Instagram Advertising and Management Services Belfast Northern Ireland

Instagram ad created by Abstract Turtle using a video slideshow to promote an ecommerce vacancy for leading specialist recruitment agency Vickerstock. 
Social media is a standard recruitment tool.